Add greenery to the cities!

Use the original algorithm for positioning building segments in your architectural project.
And build not ordinary apartment buildings, but eco-buildings in which all apartments turn into urban villas with gardens and even with swimming pools!

 View from urban villa with garden and swimming pool in an eco-friendly building

This simple eco-key is based on the principle of rotation, like in a Tetris game, and it is this principle that allows to turn apartment buildings into urban eco-towers, actually consisting of many private villas.

Rotation principle for eco architecture and green construction

The gardens of such apartments-villas will maintain such significant privacy and will not be visible to the neighbors in the building, and the trees in them will be able to reach a height of 5-6 meters. But at the same time, it will not be necessary to make apartments on two levels or build terraced buildings, which require large plots of land.

Outside view of the private gardens that are an advantage of sustainable architecture

The solution can be used for segments or all building of any architectural style, height and shape. With the orientation of the building to one or more cardinal directions, as well as with various sizes of gardens and villas. Everything is technically simple, efficient and commercially reasonable.

The net cost of such green buildings is comparable to usual construction. But at the same time, all owners of apartments-villas will have access to the same level of safe, private and daily contact with nature, which today can only be offered by country houses or very expensive penthouses.

Outside view of round green building with private gardens

Cities can give people a greener and more comfortable life!

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Author of the solution which can help add greeneryAlexander Malyshev
The author of the solution

The architectural solution is presented and published:

Cityscape Global 2012
MIPIM 2014
SMART IIP Expo 2013
Hong Kong
EVER 2015
PCT/RU 2013/000090

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